OCC: Controller of Worlds
Hp: Too much to calculate
AC: impenetrable
Weapons: Pen, dice, paper, computer, and all the rule books and imagination I will ever need.


I have been playing RPGs since I was 10 years old. My First Game being DnD basic edition. Since then (37 years old now) I have Dmed adn GMed many rpgs. Examples are: DnD basic all the way up to DnD 3.5 (Not a fan of 4th), Pathfinder, Robotech, Rifts, TmNT, Star Wars west End games edition up to Star Wars Saga Edition, Paranoia, and Starship Toopers are just a few I have done. When I was in the navy I was able to GM a Rifts game for up to 15 people at one time, a little hectic but interesting.

I have done 3 years in the Navy, and on my 17th year in the army national guard. I have done 2 tours in Iraq, and have come home in one piece.

Alot of games I have play have been face to face, or on a rpg chat sites (openrpg, and webrpg), and only done a few play by posts.


New Frontiers Coalition (Rifts) Dalinore