Scrupulous (Good) Psi-Hound (Wolf)
6’8", 280lb’s
1,951 XP Dog Boy (Level 2)


IQ 13
ME 12
MA 16 40% Trust/Intimidate
PS 30 +15 SDC Damage, 1,240lb’s
PP 21 +3 Strike, Parry, Dodge
PE 29 +7 v Magic & Poison, 28% v Coma & Death
PB 15
Spd 53 ~36 mph
(Digging) 5 ~3.5 mph

HP 38
SDC 93
ISP 52 +10/lvl

v Horror Factor +
Perception +8


Saving Throws
Curses 8
Disease 7
Lethal Poison 7
Non-Lethal Poison 9
Harmful Drugs 8
Insanity 12
Magic 5
Ritual Magic 9
Psionics 10

+2 versus psionic attack, mind control & illusions.


Special Abilities
Sense Psychic & Magic Energy 45% 5/lvl 50’5’/lvl if powers dormant, 400’+50/lvl range if in use, can scent’ 80+ ISP or PPE in a character or object, and whether or not a power is being used or has just been activated.
Recognise Psychic Scent 10% 4/lvl 50’5’/lvl range – chance to identify general type of creature from scent alone (burster, simvan, etc)
8% 2/lvl 50’5’/lvl range – chance to identify individual (10 with sample, +10 for prior acquaintance)
Sense Supernatural Beings 62% +2/lvl 100’/lvl range if powers dormant, 1000’
100’/lvl range if in use, 1000’/lvl if creature of great power (Demon lord, etc) chance to identify specific type of supernatural creature (dragon, godling, etc)
35% 5/lvl 100’/lvl range, chance to track by psychic scent alone if powers dormant
70% +3/lvl 1000’
100’/lvl range, chance to track by psychic scent alone if powers active
Automatic 1000’/lvl range, if creature of great power (dragon, godling, etc)
Superior Sense of Smell
Strong & common scents 82% +3/lvl 500’
Identify specific scents 62% +2/lvl 125’ (requires reference)
Track by smell alone 56% +4/lvl
Keen Sense of Hearing Can hear up to 35ks sounds (compared to humans 20ks & felines 25ks)
Superior Physical Power Double normal human endurance (over forty minutes strenuous exertion, recover in fifteen), x40 PS in Lb’s carrying capacity,
Sensitive to Ley Line Energy All special sensory powers are thoroughly skitzed by the stuff.
Ambidextrous +1 attack, +10% climbing, +5% pick locks, pick pockets, palming & concealment


Psionic Powers
Master Psionic Recover 2 ISP / hour active, 12 / hour sleeping
ISP Range Duration
Sense Evil 2 140’ 2min/lvl Automatic detection and general location
Sense Magic 3 120’ 2min/lvl Can detect & track magic energy, objects & spells
Sixth Sense 2 90’ 1 round Detects life-threatening danger, +6 initiative, +2 parry, +3 dodge
Empathy (receive only) 4 100’ 2min/lvl Detects emotional states
Intuitive Combat 10 Self 2rounds/lvl 1 round of meditation to activate, cannot be surprised by any attack.
+3 initiative, +1 strike & parry, +4 dodge & pull punch +2 disarm & roll with blow,
+10% gymnastics, swim & climb


S.D.C. Combat Abilities
Hand to Hand : Martial Arts

Initiative +2
Attacks 6
Strike +5
Parry +9
Dodge +9
Pull Punch +3
Roll with Blow +5
Disarm +1

Nip 2D6+15
Bite 5D6+15
Karate Punch 2D4+15 +1D6+1 in armour
Karate Backhand 1D6+15 1D4 in armour
Body Flip / Throw 1D6
Elbow 1D6+15 1D4 in armour
Karate Kick 2D6
17 1D4 in armour
Knee 1D6
17 1D6 in armour
Body Block / Tackle 1D4
15 1D4 in armour, plus knockdown
Crush / Squeeze 1D4
15 +1D4 in armour

Automatic knockout on a natural 20 for 1D6 rounds
Pin / Incapacitate on a natural 18+
Power Punch & Power Kick
W.P. Paired


Language : American 89% +1/lvl
Language : Spanish 58% +3/lvl
Climbing (65%/55%) +5/lvl
Intelligence 42% +4/lvl
Land Navigation 50% +4/lvl
Pilot : Hovercraft 65% +5/lvl
Radio : Basic 60% +5/lvl
Sensory Equipment 45% +5/lvl
Running +1 PE, 4D4 Spd, 1D6 SDC, Can run for 1 mile/PE point at half speed, 1/3 that at full.
Wilderness Survival 45% +5/lvl
W.P. Energy Pistol +1 Strike
W.P. Energy Rifle +1 Strike
W.P. Knife +1 Strike, Parry, Thrown
W.P. Paired
H.t.H. Martial Arts +3 Parry, Dodge, Pull, Roll, +2 Strike.
Detect Ambush 40% +5/lvl
Boxing +1 Attack, +2 Parry, +2 Dodge, +1 Roll, +2 PS, +3D6 SDC
Prowl 32% +5/lvl
Swimming 50% -/lvl
Wrestling +1 Roll, +2 PS, +1 PE, +4D6 SDC

Secondary Skills
Aerobic Athletics +1 Disarm, +1 Pull, +2D4 SDC, +2 Kick Damage
Sense of Balance 65% +5/lvl
Athletics +1 Parry, +1 Dodge, +1 PS, +1D6 Spd, +1D8 SDC
Lore : Demon & Monster 65% +5/lvl
Lore : Fae & C.o.Magic 65% +5/lvl
W.P. Handgun +1 Strike
Hunting +2% Prowl, +5% Track & Trap Animals, +5% Skin & Prepare Hides, +10% Cook (Game)
Tracking & Trapping (30%/40%) +5/lvl
Skin & Prepare Hides 40% +5/lvl


Clothing – B.D.U.‘s
Clothing – Dress uniform
Tinted goggles
PPD pocket audio recorder
Pocket laser distancer
Flashlight Rechargeable, ’unbreakable’
Pocket mirror
Cigarette lighter
100’ lightweight rope
Small hammer & four spikes
4 animal snares
Infrared distancing binoculars
Portable language translator
Survival knife
C-18 pistol
C-12 rifle with scope and nightsight
Utility belt
Air filter
Gas mask
600 credits

DPM D0 Dog Boy Armour (Non-Enviromental)
Max Current
Helmet 20
Main Body 50
Arms 12 r / l
Legs 20 r / l
SDC Spikes 1 to parry, +1D61 punch damage, +1D6 knee damage, +1D4 other HtH damage
Hooked Vibro-Claw Vambrances 2D6 MD, +1 parry, +2 disarm

C-18 Laser Pistol
4lb’s, 800’, 10 shots (e-clip)
Damage : 2D4

C-12 Heavy Assault Laser Rifle
7lb’s, 2000’, 20 shots (e-clip)
Damage : Laser : 2D6 (single shot) / 6D6 (burst) / 6D6 SDC (1/6th of a charge)
w/laser targeter +1 strike

Knife, Commando Survival
2D4 SDC & can be used as a saw

Grenades Damage Radius # Side effects
CS Rifle 2D6 12’ 0
CS MF Rifle 6D6 12’ 0
CS HE 4D6 6’ 0
CS Plasma 6D6 12’ 0
CS Stun/Flash – 1 room 0 -1 attack & initiative, -10 strike, parry & dodge. Only lose initiative if in E.B.A. (1D4 rounds)
CS Teargas – 25’ 0 -1 attack, -3 initiative, -10 strike, parry & dodge if not in E.B.A. (1D6+1 rounds), lasts 3D4 minutes
CS Smoke – 20-40’ 0 -1 initiative, -5 strike, parry & dodge if not in E.B.A.

4 E-clips.



Killian (Psi-Hound K1-LL-1AN)

Mans best friend had to come from somewhere, but to look at Killian it would be hard to work out where. The Dog Boy is a muscular figure just under seven feet in height, the marks of his wolven heritage clear in every line of his body from the tip of his pointed snout to the end of his slender, bushy tail. His fur is two-tone gray, shading almost to white on his underbelly in a fashion that would no doubt earn him a position on the cover of a Jack London novel if anyone was running printing presses any more. The illusion of near-humanity is not of course perfect – his legs are digitigrade and his feet end with small, trimmed claws whilst there’s just too many teeth in that long, slender muzzle for anyone to get too carried away – and of course, few humans not augmented in some fashion could come close to matching the physical development of a creature quite specifically bred to be an expendable grunt. It seems that the fruit hasn’t fallen far from the tree in the case of this particular fellow either to judge by his attire (dealers choice of two outfits depending upon what he’s doing – either battered and worn-in BDU’s in black and white urban camoflague or a scorched and neatly repaired set of D0 armour festooned with the usual spikes, blades and assorted vicious gadgets usually supplied to members of the Dog Pack including a slender C-18 energy pistol and the heavy barrel of an old-model C-12 slung over one shoulder – but irrespective of all that, he retains a certain untamed feral pride that’s visible behind his eyes, a clear indicator that no matter how circumstances treat him, he remains in his heart an Alpha.


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