Major Winston Claval

aggressive, tough, hard as nails, mean and consumed with a frightening single-mindedness to duty.


Name: Winston Jason Claval
Species: Human
Alignment: Aberrant;
Hit Points: 62; S.D.C.: 42
Height: 6 feet (1.8m)
Weight: 1601bs. (72kg)
Age: 38
P.P.E.: 8
Horror/Awe Factor: 10
Attributes: I.Q. 14, M.E. 15, M.A. 8, P.S. 21, P.P. 14, P.E. 17, P.B. 8,
Spd. 18
Experience Level: 9th level CS Special Forces, current rank is Major,
he’s a 20 year veteran
Skills of Note: Speaks American and Spanish at 98%, literate in American
at 65% (taught by Doctor Bradford), radio basic 98%, radio
scramblers 85%, prowl 80%, streetwise 68%, interrogation techniques
75%, find contraband 75%, intelligence 74%, escape artist
85%, land navigation 78%, wilderness survival 85%, lore demons
& monsters 75%, pilot hovercraft (loves hovercycles) 98%, pilot jet
pack (another favorite) 84%, pilot robots and power armor 90%, robot
combat elite SAMAS Plus, W P energy pistol, W P energy rifle,
W P energy heavy (loves P-beams, plasma and rail guns), W P
blunt, and hand to hand commando, all at 9th level
Special Abilities: Resistant to horror factor and indomitable will
Combat Skills: Hand to Hand Commando and boxing, all at 9th level
Number of Attacks: Seven
Bonuses: +3 on initiative, +2 to strike, +2 to parry and dodge, +1 on
automatic dodge, +8 to S D C damage, +6 to pull punch, +3 to roll
with punch, fall or impact, +2 to disarm, karate kick attack (2D6
damage), jump kick, Judo-style throw (1D6), Death Blow on 18-20,
can go 48 hours without sleep, +6 to save vs possession, +2 to save
vs mind control and illusions, +3 to save vs psiomc attack, +1 to
save vs poison and magic, and +8 to save vs horror factor
Magic Knowledge: None
Psionic Knowledge: None
Weapons and Equipment: Has access to virtually all military weapons,
equipment, and all types of SAMAS, hovercycles, and hover
vehicles (ground) He also has access to select special communications
and surveillance equipment, men and resources, one full company
(160 troops, 100 Dog Boys, 40 humans and 20 other mutants)
In a crisis situation, Claval could be given command of a full battalion
(640 troops)

The man put in charge of the ESR Units. Everything from mission logs, to paper work go thru him.

PC will have to deal with him from time to time when you requisition new equipment or get new mission while out in the field.

Major Winston Claval

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