CS Explorer EX-112



Th CS Explorer is designed after the TRIAX Medical Hover Station XM-250. CS designed some of these vehicles to be explores out in the west. The officer and sergeant each have their own room while there is 8 closet size double bunk rooms. Each of those rooms have a small desk, 2 bunks one basically lying on the floor and the second half way up the same wall, suspended by a chain at each end and hinges connecting it to the wall. The bunk opens from the top to store personnel items in, with a double standing wall lockers, and one small desk. Cockpit has a place for a pilot, co-pilot, communications, and two gunners. Also Small med bay for four, weapons locker, lounge meeting area, and the rear is taken up by a small maintenance bay for power armor. A large storage elevator is located at the bottom of the craft.

Length: 130ft
Width: 28ft
Height: 25ft

Weapon Systems:
1.Forward Weapon Turret: Long Range Pulse Laser Cannon
Damage: 2d6 / single Blast 6d6 per triple blast
Range: 4000

2.Middle Weapon Turrets(2)
same as above

3.Single Barrel Laser Turrets (2) Rear
Damage: 3d6 per single blast or 6d6 double blast.


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CS Explorer EX-112

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