Briscoe America

Briscoe America is one of the handful of pre-Rifts communities that
survived the Great Cataclysm and the Dark Ages. It is a large community
(for Lone Star) of 4,100 people, most of whom can trace their
proud ancestry for hundreds of years. Part of that heritage is a reasonably
accurate sense of pre-Rifts history and everybody at Briscoe can
read and write American (English). All the residents refer to themselves
as Americans and American Flags are seen hanging from porches and
buildings everywhere.

Only a handful of old, pre-Rifts buildings survive, and they have
been patched and restored dozens of times. Only a hundred or so pre-
Cataclysm books and even fewer film records have survived the long,
hard years.

The people have an intense dislike of D-bees and despise practitioners
of magic, Indians (and their magic) and the supernatural. Consequently,
they welcomed the CS with open arms. Since the arrival of the
CS Military, the educated people of Briscoe America have been hired to
assist the Military as skilled laborers and professionals. The CS has
built a power plant, Skelebot factory, a modern hospital, two underground
bomb shelters, and several mechanic shops, as well as a handful
of community buildings, including a new City Hall and theater.

The Briscoe Military Base is located on the northeastern part of
town near the Skelebot factory. A company of (160) infantry soldiers
are stationed there, along with 200 support personnel and advisors. 400
Skelebots (with 2D4xlOO available from the factory at just about any
time) help keep the community, and factory safe —not that Briscoe
America has had many problems.

Briscoe America

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