Oddessa Base

Established in 69 P.A., Oddessa remained nothing more than a watering
hole for Coalition troops — a pit stop. In 100 P.A., Oddessa was
a small, desolate military outpost manned by one human company and
one Dog Pack company (approx. 300 total troops). Scattered around the
base was a shabby shanty town of about a 1000 people, mostly farmers
and peasants raising live stock.

In 105 P.A., Oddessa is still a relatively small military outpost, but it
has been restructured and expanded to become a viable frontier base. It
serves as a base of operations at the edge of the Coalition dominated
lands in the State. Daily reconnaissance squads and border defenders
comprised mostly of SAMAS and Super SAMAS sweep the southern
borders while ground patrols of Dog Boys prowl the prairies in search
of signs of trouble. These patrols tend to treat all nonhumans as hostiles
and either chase them south or destroy them without mercy. Squadrons
of Death Wing pilots (sometimes accompanied by SAMAS or Skycylces)
make long-range reconnaissance patrols deep into the Pecos Empire
and occasionally into Mexico. These same squads are also sent out
on Seek and Destroy missions to the Pecos Empire, Arkansas and the
southwest, striking at known outlaws and D-bee encampments. Kill
Hounds (small squads of 6-10 to platoons of 40) are sent out into the
Pecos Badlands on “hunts” — Seek and Destroy missions designed to
hit small groups of bandits splintered from their larger parent organizations
in an attempt to “whittle down” the enemy. They are also sent to
destroy “feral” Dog Boys and mutant mistakes, Simvan, and other nonhuman
clans, tribes and bands. Sometimes these murderous Hounds are
simply told to kill everybody they encounter (presumably everybody in
the Badlands are enemies of the State).

Oddessa’s Human Settlers

The shanty town still offers the troops illicit pleasures, booze and
entertainment, but it too has changed and matured. Parts of the town
have cleaned up their acts and represent honest, hard working people,
from farmers and carpenters to merchants and professionals. Beyond
the outskirts of the growing town (now with a population of 1654) are a
few large farms, but mostly ranchers who raise cattle or sheep and a
smattering of other livestock (horses, pigs, chickens, etc.); much of
which are sold to the military for food. Approximately 700 people live
in the outlying areas around the base and the town.

Oddessa Base

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