Alec "Nomad" McKern

Sgt. Coalition Special Forces


OCC: Coalition Special Forces
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 27
Alignment: Aberrant
Level: 1
HP: 23
SDC: 56

IQ: 15
ME: 17
MA: 17
PS: 20
PP: 18
PE: 19
PB: 16
Speed: 40
Running (SPD*28MPH):
P.P.E.: NA
Psionics Major
I.S.P.: 37

PSI powers:
Intuitive Combat (10)
Mind Block (4)
Presence Sense (4)
See the Invisible (4)
Sense Magic (3)
Bio Regeneration (6)
Total Recall (2)
Suppress fear (8)
Telekinesis (3sml, 8lrg, 20lbs+ = 8+1per 10lbs)

OCC Skills:
Math Basic (65)
Radio Basic (60)
Electronic Countermeasures (40)
Language American (98)
Language Native American (50)
Land Navigation (46)
Intelligence (42)
Streetwise (36)
Lore: Demon/Monster (35)
Pilot: Military: Tanks & APC’s (46)
Pilot: Robots & Power Armor (66)
Pilot: Robot Combat Elite: Special Forces SAMAS
Wilderness Survival (45)
Climbing (55/45)
Prowl (40)

OCC Related Skills:
Cook Game Animals (45)
Weapon Systems (50)
Sensory Equipment (40)
Identify Plants & Fruit (40)
Track & Trap animals (40/50)
Skin & Prep animal Hides (50)
Imitate Voices & Sounds (50)

Secondary Skills:
Lore – Debees (25)
Lore – American Indians (25)
Whittling & Sculpting (30)

Weapon Proficiencies:
Paired Weapons

H2H Combat: Commando
Attacks: 6
Initiative: 1
Damage: +5
Strike: 5/7rng
Parry: +6
Dodge: +8
Pull/Roll: +3
Body Flip/Throw: 2
Critical Strike:
Death Blow:
Jump Kick:
Restrained Punch:
Power Punch (2 attacks):
Body Throw/Flip: 1D6
Body Block/Tackle: 1D4+3

Clock Calendar
Radar Detector
O2 Storage Cell
Multi-Optic Eye
Telescopic: 4-8×30 Magnification 6000ft
Macrovision: 2-20x up to 3ft
Passive Nightvision 2000ft
Thermo-imaging 2000ft
Light Filter-Glare reducer
Target Display +1 Ranged Weapons
Univ Head Jack & Ear replacement with long range receiver and transmitter
Sound Filtration Sys
Surveillance Ear
Language Translator

C-5 Pump Pistol
CP-50 Dragonfire Pulse Laser/Grenade launcher
.45 Automatic
Survival Knife
Throwing Knives (4)
Bow/Arrow (various tips)
High Explosive
Neural Disrupter

Alec was like any other kid at 12 years old, smart a little bit of a practical joker and had a burning force of curiosity. He was part of something fresh and new, the re-colonization of the West. The CS wanted people to colonize out West; they were asking people to start settling, free land for humans. The Emperor had decreed that any family willing to move out west would get the supplies they needed to setup and be on their own for the first year. Many families went in groups some were even military families. Alec’s father was a Colonel and in charge of one of the fort settlements, he was a protector of the people from all the evil of the Deebees and magic using scum as his father used to say. One day that all changed, Alec woke up in the middle of the night to explosions and gunfire from all around. Horrified screaming was coming from outside. He looked out the window seeing some giant creature from the darkest corners of hell. It had leathery wings that spanned roughly twennty-five feet across and a face that would haunt the dreams of the bravest man, horns protruding from it’s skull and stood roughly 20 feet tall. He watch frozen as in the flashing lights from the fires and explisions as it tore a man in half. The poor man was still alive screaming and begging for death as the creature devoured his entrails. Alec did what any other 12 year old would do in that situation, he threw up on the floor and then screamed and ran to his mother downstairs. When he reached her she was in the living room with the furniture overturned and hiding behind a table that was from the kitchen. She had a strange calmness to her as she held his baby sister Cara. Cara was only 2, she was wailing and trembling with fear in mother’s arms who kept telling her that everything would be fine and she kept hugging her tight. His mother held out her other arm upon seeing Alec when suddenly the wall behind her blew outward with a violent shaking of the earth, it felt like the whole earth was crying out in agony and begging for it to stop the wall was gone and in its place another demon from hell stood there. Smiling or at least it looked like a smile with those teeth, they looked large, sharp and dripping with blood. It looked at his mother and all the calmness in her face left, replaced with the horrified paleness of someone who knew death was immenant. Alec could never forget that look, he had never seen his mother so frightened she was always the calm strong one in any situation, but this was different. Her scream still invades his nightmares to this day. She grabbed hold of Cara and started to run, but the creature caught her with its tail, pulling her towards it. She released her grip of his sister, yelling for her to run. Alec felt his hand gripping a broken board and before he realized what he was doing he was halfway to the creature with the board raised above his head full of the animalistic urge to protect his family. The demon saw Alec, it just laughed at his pittiful attempt to hurt it. Alec hit it with all his might and the demon just pulled his mother kicking the creature and screaming for Alec to take Cara and run. He stopped trying to hit the thing, which was about as useful as shouting at a boulder to move. So he dropped the splintered piece of wood and ran to his sister pulling her away, but she didn’t want to leave mother who at this point was in the grip of the fiend. The demon seeing his attempt to flee stopped tearing his mothers clothes off and it watched him, it then with a quick flick of it’s tail shoving Alec aside, but luckily for Alec, instead of the hitting the wall Alec twisted just in time to save his life as the piece of iron rod sticking through his shoulder now kept him stuck to the wall, several feet above the ground. Cara at some point was pulling mother away or trying to when the thing saw her and smiled that grin again. The demon took hold and tore Cara from his mother, it did the unthinkable, with a widening of it’s mouth what looked like a tenticle with a barbed ball at the end of it, it ripped his sisters dress off and thrusted its tongue between her legs and then through her as she let out a scream so horrible that he soiled himself seeing this creatures tongue force its way out her head. It then just pulled her body into its mouth swallowing her lifeless,wide eyed corpse whole. It spoke breaking him and his mother out of their shock, “Your next child after I have some fun with your mother, don’t worry you can watch and maybe you’ll learn something.” It waved its hand and some sort of force held his mother down. The creature lowered itself onto his mother as an opening appeared in had its crotch and what had to be three phalick things pushed into her. Alec tried to close his eyes, but the creature spoke some incoherent words and Alec was frozen with his eyes open, watching. “Wouldn’t want you to close your eyes and miss the fun lesson now would we?” The creature sneered and continued its business each motion causing his mother to scream unnaturally until finally all that could be heard was a wet gurgling noise from her throat as the creatures members thrusted through her mouth in an explosion of fluids from both bodies. I released it’s grip on his mothers corpse and she just lay there with her bodily fluids and the creatures just oozing out from every one of her orifaces. Then there was a long stillness in the air when a sudden flash of light broke into the evil silence, the creature was hit with some fire from what could only be rescue. The demons hold on Alec was gone and felt the pressure of the bar protruding through his shoulder, it laughed at the soldiers, “Is that all you’ve got?” It threw his mothers corpse at the soldiers and then it vanished in a bright flash. The aftermath in the morning was a sight that would make the most hardened soldier retch up his meals from the previous week. You see it had been a month since the last problem with any supernatural or magical being and those were only small things reported back from scouts, wondering magic users or lost creatures. But in that month there had been nothing major so everyone had started to relax and then last night’s slaughter came. Out here no one can relax, if you’re not ready then you’re dead. They paid a horrible price for that mistake and now Alec looked on with tears in his eyes his arm patched up and the medical robots doing their job to heal him. His father coldly told him “Come with me son” and they walked in determined silence until they reached the field with the bodies being bagged. There was a private who had just finished moving one bag and his father spoke to the man “Private, open that bag, my son needs to see” at first the soldier didnt move but saw the look his Alec’s father’s eyes and did so unzipping the bag showing the gruesome remains of his mother with that silent look of horror on her face still contorting her once calmness and the fluid of the demon still slowly oozing out of her eye socket which he realized was hanging on her cheek. He hadn’t realized it but he was shaking and crying, his father pulled him back and told him coldly “Son, look at this, this is what the scum of the universe does to humans, remember this day, you survived for a reason and that reason is to kill these things that did this. Now you know why all magic is evil and must be wiped off the face of the planet. When we get back to the city you’re going to military school so you can learn correctly on how to kill so this doesn’t happen again.” Pulling his son to his side and nodding to the soldier who then zipped back up the bag. “Toughen up son, there is no choice now” His father’s look was total coldness and determination. Alec spoke in a cracked voice, “I will kill them father, they deserve worse than death”, imitating his father’s stare. The Colonel was relocated to a military base that did not have family facilities, always being hard on Alec ‘remember your Mother and Cara’ he would always tell him, making him colder to others and study hard so he could be the best soldier in the military. While still young he had minor training to develop some psionics he had inherited from his mother. Then found the use of these skills which helped him find, locate and kill the scum, which he called anything not part of the Coalition and it’s citizens. Alec learned many ways to kill a foe, but one of his favorite was with a bow, something he always remembered from his mother who had a bow hanging over the door, something she said that had always been in the family, long gone now after that night. He pushed to excel, he wanted to be part of the Special Forces, the elite of the Coalition, so he could one day return the death to the evil from the dimensions invading his world. He stayed in long enough for some secret training in a Psi division to improve his abilities at the Colonel’s request. this unfortunately delayed his graduation for a couple years. Now to graduate at 27 he would probably be older than most of any team he would be assigned to. On graduation from the Special Forces group, his father stood before him telling him “Alec, you’re ready to do your duty, good luck” An exchange of salutes and that was it. There was no love for each other both men had turned to ice over the years after that night. Alec, a member of the Special Forces killing machine and his father the frozen, old general, both working to exact their revenge on the scum of magic in their own ways, one in the field the other from behind the political scene.

Alec "Nomad" McKern

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